Setting the standard in attracting truly international and passionate educators in childcare

An insight into the unique employment strategy of Zein International Childcare


Founded on a dream – the vision of Zein International Childcare is to help children embrace the advantages that an internationally oriented lifestyle can bring. The childcare provider was soon recognized for its genuine understanding of the specific needs of international families as well as its educators who represent the same level of internationalism as the diverse community they serve. This resulted in an innovative talent acquisition approach that sets Zein apart from other childcare providers; their unique Zein Academy International Talent Programme is a valuable contributor to building a team of passionate childcare practitioners. 

A tailor-made training programme

The Zein Academy International Talent Programme enables passionate talent to pursue a career in the field of international childcare. Monika Bouchalova, Zein HR Manager elaborates: ‘’At Zein we set the bar high when we take on new staff. We look for enthusiastic and dedicated individuals with a true passion for teaching, developing and caring for children. Candidates who share the beliefs Zein was founded on and are able to empathize with the experiences and challenges faced by internationally-mobile children and their families – to ensure each child is not just looked after, but truly understood whilst in our care. However, candidates often find that their internationally obtained qualification - or former work experience - is not formally recognised by the Dutch Childcare Authorities. Through the Zein Academy International Talent Programme we offer these well-educated and experienced candidates, from all corners of the world, an accredited personalised training programme that launches their career in the field of international childcare in the Netherlands”. 

Guided by the Zein Academy

Successful candidates follow a 3 to 4 months in-house training schedule, depending on their experience and qualifications, alongside a personalised qualification process which provides the opportunity to have their earlier studies and/or work experience recognised. Meanwhile, all candidates also receive extensive and in-depth practical training by working daily within the childcare groups under the impassioned guidance of experienced Zein professionals. Trainees further participate in the 12 Zein Academy Trainings, covering all aspects of international childcare and the Zein approach to working with international families.

The programme is most suitable for candidates who have followed a higher education course related to childhood education or childhood psychology - although candidates who are otherwise educated and/or have extensive experience working with children will also be considered. 

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