Free trial lesson at your first training in the new The Hague Bodytec Studio

On September 1st Bodytec Studio has opened in The Hague and Delft. Bodytec Studio already has seven years experience giving Bodytec training in Naaldwijk, Wateringen and De Lier and now has added two new studios. Come and experience the ‘shocking’ training at a free trial lesson. This promotion applies to Bodytec Studio The Hague and Delft.

A summer body is made in winter and that is why this promotion is so welcome now. A good intention for 2019 is to go through life healthier and fitter and with better body tone. And this with only twenty minutes per training!

During the Bodytec training Electro Muscular Stminulation (EMS) causes all important muscle groups (arms, legs, buttocks, stomach and the whole back) to be trained simultaneously and effectively. This also applies to deep-laying muscles. As a result muscle tissue is built up in a short time, metabolism is stimulated and skin is made firmer. Next to the Bodytex training there is the related Hi-tec training. With this ‘pulsating’ work-out you go for a better condition and you are losing centimeters of stomach width. You will be given an intensive twenty minutes of training with  focus on endurance and fat burning.

EMS training is also used for physiotherapy and revalidation. Training is quick, very effective and supervised by a personal trainer. Everybody can train using this method and it will only take twenty minutes per training. The training causes a quick and balanced muscle build-up and can be adapted to all ages and all levels.

The Bodytec Studio The Hague is located at the Aert van der Goesstraat 19 and the Bodytec Studion Delft  at the Papsouwselaan 131 A. Both studios already have many happy customers who went over to Bodytec Studio from their old locations. You are also very welcome at one of our studios in Naaldwijk, Wateringen or De Lier. Avail yourself of the opportunity to get acquainted with the unique training method. You can plan your training at

A chance to win!

Like the Facebookpage of Bodytec Studio and you have a chance to win an extra three free Bodytec tranings. Value € 75,00!

Curious? Let yourself be surprised by the ‘shocking’ technique en be taken aback by the result. Contact us through to plan a trial lesson and experience the many advantages.