Binkbikes Tours: Royal City and Parks Tour

This exclusive bike tour is a unique experience which you wille remember fot a long time… it's fun, unexpected and one with nature.

Price (rental bikes are included) 

BRIK bike: chainless bikes

2 persons: 39 euro pp

4 persons: 29 euro pp

Time: 3 hours

When: daily at 2 PM.

Call for booking:
Jan Rufer +31 6 143 76 342

The Hague is known as the city of the King and Queen, the political centre and the many international organizations, but the city has so much more to offer.


Experience The Hague and it’s parks from a different perspective with these Dutch BRIK bikes. With this design winning bike you will enjoy riding through the parks of this unique city.


Under the guidance of an experienced instructor you ride a unique route through the parks of The Hague including the nature reserve of Meijendel.


This is what you will discover

The Hague City Centre: You will visit some of the highlights of the city like the ‘Binnenhof’, houses of parliament, Buitenhof, Hofvijver, lange Voorhout, Plein 1813 and Vredespaleis (The Peace Palace)

Scheveningen: Harbour, Boulevard and Pier, you will pass the fishing fleet and cross the boulevard

Dunes tour to Meijendel, this part of the tour is approx. 5 km. Be prepared to do some exciting bike riding through the dunes of Scheveningen and Wassenaar.

Park Meijendel, Here you discover the variation in the dune landscape and a variety of animal species including the North American Bison. The park is one of the most bird-rich nature reserves in the Netherlands.

Waalsdorpervlakte, you pass the Waalsdorpervlakte, one of the most important Dutch war memorials.

The Hague Park route, you will enjoy riding through landgoed Clingendael and ‘het Haagse Bos’.


Important to know

Bikes: BRIK Brut, a special Dutch Design bike with a cardan axle.

Options: breakfast, late lunch, dinner, mindfulness, sea breeze yoga, MTB Trail.

Prices Start at 35,00 euro per person


Date & time

Wednesday 16 January, 2:00 PM



Price € 29,00 - 39,00


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