Jeroen Eisinga Film Exhibition

With Jeroen Eisinga, De Electriciteitsfabriek brings film art to the old turbine hall.


Expedition Eisinga shows six films by Jeroen Eisinga. Nightfall (2018) is the main exhibitn. Nightfall is Eisinga’s unprecedented and most ambitious film project to date.

Expedition Eisinga is the fourth exhibition in the series of winter workshops of the Electricity Factory. The rugged electricity factory is ideally suited for this. It gives space: both the physical space to unpack big, but also the space to present the work to the public in a different way than within the usual clean, white walls of the museum or gallery, so that the meaning colors differently.

Nightfall, shows a frozen lake. On the lake there is a flock of sheep around a wak. Some of the sheep have frozen in the hole. There is a snowstorm, the sheep move a little, but mostly they stand still. Slowly and slowly they are covered by the snow. The sun goes down.

Jeroen Eisinga in the turbine hall

Stichting Electriciteitsfabriek was established in 2013 with the aim of giving the empty turbine hall of the oldest, still working power station in the Netherlands, owned by owner Uniper, a meaningful place in the cultural climate of The Hague at the Constant Rebecqueplein. Shared interest and a warm heart for architecture, art, theater, music and dance form the core of the organization. Making art accessible to a broader public is our challenge, helped by the turbine hall.

After three winter workshops that explicitly took the public into the production process at the factory, Expedition Eisinga will be concentrating and deepening this winter, with films by Jeroen Eisinga being shown.

Film has a specific work process, in which a lot of preparation takes place behind the scenes. That preparation time is often long and everything – camera rent, crew, locations, actors – is costly. Every shot is carefully planned. The filming itself often takes only a short time, a few days usually, after which the film takes shape during the editing. Much of the filmmaking process takes place invisibly: in the head of the director, in the preparation, in the film lab. This applies to the work of Jeroen Eisinga to an extreme degree. He films on costly analogue material – first 16mm, now 35mm cinema format film. His films are deceptively simple in the picture, but exceptionally complex to make. This complexity does not lie in the amount of shots or a large number of scenes or locations, but in the fact that virtually the whole film depends on one given, one moment, which must be filmed exactly as the filmmaker conceived it, while at the same time the often extreme conditions are difficult to direct. Everything depends on when it is filmed: if it does not work, the film is lost.

Hence the title Expedition Eisinga: the film work by Eisinga is like a search for unknown territory, the success of which depends on the correct preparation and endurance of the filmmaker and of the team. Physical and mental exhaustion are lurking.


March 7 - April 7, 2019 all-day


De Electriciteitsfabriek

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20

The Hague

Opening hours 

Fri 16.00-20.00, 

Sat & Sun 12.00-17.00


€ 8, – adults

€ 5, – CJP, students

€ 2, – 0 to 12 years, stork pass

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