Taverne Meer & Bosch

Escapism, it’s only a stroll away. Underneath the century old lime tree’s on the estate of Meer en Bosch, rests an old city farm. For almost 50 years now the home of renowned French cuisine and an escape for those seeking to dine and conversate without the cacophony of everyday life. 

A well-hidden jewel, after you’ve indulged in sea, sand and livelihood. Take a five minute stroll and flatter down for a meal between the soothing atmosphere of so much more than just refreshing green. 

This family run restaurant has a keen eye for a well-adjusted mix between nostalgia and the current demands of food loving enthusiasts. They take pride in key elements such as: their home smoked salmon, Dutch shrimp croquettes, table prepared dishes like boeuf stroganoff and crêpes Suzette. Combine that with friendly and cunning staff, romantic dining under the trees or at the fireplace and perhaps a visit to our impressive wine cellar. You’ll get the perfect mix between hip to be square and a well-served night out. 

Whether it’s a drink, quick bite or a family (group) dinner, high-tea or wedding, you’re always one stroll away. Why don’t you come find out for yourself?


Taverne Meer & Bosch

Heliotrooplaan 5

2555 MA  The Hague

070 325 77 48