Eye-D is selling the most famous eyewear in the world

We’ve seen plenty of film stars, musicians, politicians and world leaders wearing the world’s most high-end eyewear brands. Showing off their greatest looks, their sense of fashion, but most of all, their outstanding personalities. Eye-D The Hague now offers you the same! It is your turn to show your true personality and live like one of them. Eye-D has a broad range of well-established eyewear brands which offer high-end glasses and sunglasses. Each eyewear brand and every designer offers a unique look and a personal story. 

It is possible that you want to show your aspiration towards sustainability and quality such as the brand Dick Moby does. Maybe you want to emphasize your expressive personality or show the fact that you are an introvert thinker, then the brand Anne et Valentin is made for you. Or you want to wear the same type of glasses such as Johnny Depp and Woody Allen did with the brand MOSCOT, luxurious, classic and timeless. You know your personality best; we then know which type of glasses fits and suits you best. 

Besides the wide range of designer frames, we offer excellent service and expertise which sets Eye-D apart from other eyewear shops. With our perfect advice, personally given to you, and choosing the right type of glasses, we will always be able to find the right frame which fits your style and personality best. But even more important, is that our staff really takes their time to help you. 


At Eye-D, we perform renewed eye tests by a recognized optometrist, and we perform eye pressure monitoring and retina research. We supply you with the extensive service during the lifetime of your glasses. We offer different type of lenses such as multifocal glasses, computer glasses, anti-reflective glasses and photochromic lenses. The spectacle lenses can be precisely tailored to your sight and wishes. So, from now on you cannot only show the same personality as celebrities have, but you can also experience the same services which are provided to celebrities as well.  And you should trust us, that once you have experienced that, you never want to experience anything less. 


With over 36 years of experience, being located in the old city centre of The Hague; Hofkwartier and offering you our luxurious brands, you can tell that we are the place to spoil yourself, by getting a new frame. From now on a mediocre mindset is not enough, step by in our store and experience the celebrity mindset. It now is your turn!


Eye care

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