Dutch Language Café

Meet new people, get to know other cultures, and practice Dutch or help others practice Dutch! 


What does the evening look like? 

We meet at 19:30. You will be divided in groups of about 4 to 6 people, with a Dutch native in each group. In this group you will play games and talk Dutch in a fun and informal way. This will take until about 21:00. Then, you can play table tennis, play another game, or just chat some more! We close at around 23:00. 


Level of Dutch 

The groups are based on level of Dutch. We have three levels: beginners (A1/A2), intermediate (B1), advanced (B2+). The atmosphere is relaxed and informal and we make sure everybody feels welcome and comfortable. When in doubt, just come and see how it goes :). 



The event takes place in Anna&Co (www.annaenco.nl),

the community of refugees, students, social entrepreneurs and other citizens. Please note that the entrance can be hard to find, look here for a picture of the entrance: dutchlanguagecafe.com/location 



Every Wednesday at 19:30 (the door is open from 19:15). Entry fee: 4,-. Dutch enter for free to thank them for their help. The entry fee includes free drinks (coffee, tea and lemonade) and free snacks. 


Registration Please register here: www.meetup.com/Dutch-Language-Cafe-Den-Haag/events/.

Here you can find the latest information on the events.



Till 18 December



Price € 4,00

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