Sgroppino, a little pearl in The Hague

Who has never tasted this super “lekker” Italian cocktail? At the newest Italian hotspot in the Statenkwartier, they make it right at your table!


A Little Pearl in The Hague

On the spot of the famous café Cheers, there is now a new Haags Pareltje – a little pearl, the Italian restaurant Sgroppino. Joop is realizing his dream and his wife and daughter are helping. 


The inspired direction of Pepe makes Sgroppino dazzling and delicious. Perhaps you even know Pepe. This past 25 years, he has worked in Haarlem at Napoli, owned by the soccer manager Mino Raiola. He’s been the manager of Ciao Ciao in The Hague and D’Antica in Amsterdam. Perhaps you know Pepe from TV. He’s been on Bruisend Horeca and Business Class with Harry Mens. 


With Love ~ Con Amore

When you walk into Sgroppino on the Jacob Gillesstraat, you immediately feel the Mediterranean warmth, a touch of Italy in The Hague. They pour out beautiful wines from Antinori and import the best products from Southern Italy like San Daniele prosciutto and black truffles. Homemade pasta delights are prepared right at your table in the shell of a grand Parmesan cheese as well as delicious sea bass in a crust of salt. As to the homemade tiramisu, there are no words! Simply said, it’s irresistible.


Sgroppino Ristorante

Jacob Gillesstraat 21

2582 XW The Hague

Tel. 070-3310658