Duinoord Business Center

“We hope that everyone that visits or passes by the Duinoord Business Center gets into the Holiday spirit with us.”


One cannot deny that the DBC team has truly outdone themselves with the Holiday decorations of Sweelinckplein 1 (where the DBC resides). They have transformed the exterior of the building into an almost tangible Christmas carol, complete with a 2,5 m reef, lights on all the balconies, garlands with lights by the entrance and a magically lit tree in the front yard. 


It turns out that not only the Holiday decorating is taken to the next level at Sweelinckplein 1. The building dates to 1894, but now serves as a very modern business center. Tenants state that the building and the service level at the DBC are extraordinary. Upon entering the building you immediately know that they are not exaggerating. You are greeted by a friendly receptionist and are able to take a seat in the stylish waiting room. The dedication to a high level of service breathes through the whole building as the broad hallways are decorated with art, the meeting room still holds historic details and the kitchen facilities are efficient, clean and modern. 


When asked what the secret for this level of service is, we are told that the owner of the DBC personally keeps a close eye on the day to day business. Their goal for the DBC is to provide a working space that gives a sense of luxury and ease on a daily basis. The tenants that have chosen the DBC for their place of business are a variety of companies such as an advertising agency, lawyers, a financial advisor, a therapist, coaches, head hunters, mediators, health magazine publishers, a software company, real estate developers, a professional letting agent and an international talent agency.

If the abovementioned has sparked your interest, the tangible Christmas carol can be gazed at from 07:00 to 09:30 AM and from 16:00 to 23:00 PM. As part of their environmental efforts the DBC has put the LED lights on timers as to limit the use of electricity.