Bronovo MUST stay

The Facebook group ‘Bronovo MUST stay’ (Bronovo MOET blijven, BMb for short) aims to maintain a fully-fledged Bronovo hospital including a fully equipped emergency room, intensive care unit (ICU) and selected specializations. 

The Board of Directors of the HMC decided in January 2019 to close the Bronovo hospital in 2024. Instead of the hospital, Park Bronovo must be erected on the property of the Bronovo-hospital, a park with three hundred apartments with 6000 square meters of polyclinical services. Closing the Bronovo will leave the Hague with only two hospitals. 

Reasons why the Bronovo hospital MUST stay are:

Population projections for the city of the Hague are that it will grow with 5.000 inhabitants per year from 2018. That are 100.000 extra inhabitants in the coming 20 years. The size of the City of Leiden.

The Board of Directors assume that the Bronovo hospital’s catchment area is for the Benoordenhout district only. This is wrong the catchment area also includes Scheveningen, Archipel, Willemspark, Mariahoeve, Den Haag Centre, Den Haag Southwest, Wassenaar, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Voorschoten.

At least 70.000 to 100.000 residents will end up without a hospital, doctor's office and emergency room. This number of inhabitants will increase after the certain closure of the HAGA Red Cross hospital. The catchment area will than expand by some 60.000 people from the Segbroek and Vogelwijk districts. In reading comments on the BMb Facebook page the disastrous consequences for patients can already be seen.

Bronovo has been a hospital for expats for many years. That logic, while it is located next to the International Zone, were large and small international companies are situated. The closure of the hospital is bad for the international image of The Hague as City of Peace and Justice. 

Since the emergency unit of Bronovo has closed on the first of July 2019 the Hague only has two emergency units for 537.833 inhabitants. * Closing the emergency service is even more irresponsible if the immense growth of tourism in Scheveningen is added to these numbers. Currently 5 million tourists are coming to The Hague. According to the city’s forecast tourism is expected to grow by 2 million per year. Expected growth are approximately 12 million tourists for the Hague in a 5-year period. This will put an extra burden on the emergency room and the doctor's and policlinics.

Closing the emergency units at Bronovo already has an impact on the arrival times of the ambulances which are legally set at 12 minutes. It places an increased risk on members of the many sports clubs in the operating area. They must do without the necessary emergency units of Bronovo.

The above-mentioned effects have not been calculated in the KPMG report on which the closure of Bronovo is based. Most surprising is the fact that the Bronovo location must close and be sold for financial reasons. In the meantime, HMC is cooperating on various redevelopment plans in which the HMC will set up polyclinical services. Bronovo’s money will be used for these plans. Why demolish a modern hospital in which recently 15 million euros have been invested for a new emergency room and other renovations? 

* Source CBS 1 January 2019