The story of Dennis Skypewalker

A Dutch teacher at TaalTaal is diving into Skype

He works as a Dutch teacher at The Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen. But not only that, he also sings, acts, writes and dances (when being forced). Dennis Koopman has indeed the perfect surname: he is a merchant of all trades.

For a lot of busy expats, learning Dutch is one of those things that’s hard to squeeze in. This is why TaalTaal also offers language courses through Skype! There is no need to travel and no need to put on pants (just make sure you’re behind your desk). Dennis is a Skype wizard himself and he mentions his last student: “He was a neurosurgeon from Germany and he had to give a presentation in Dutch, at the hospital in Brussels. Besides the virtual lessons, we’ve only met once in person for the general rehearsal! Skype is great, especially for speaking. The lessons are short, usually one hour, but more intense and efficient, because people are forced to focus.”


At the moment, Dennis is still ‘recovering’ from last month when he was performing ‘A ‘Christmas Carol’ at the Zuiderstrandtheater. Dennis: “Teaching and acting have a lot in common. In both situations, you’re standing in front of a group. But in the case of teaching, the crowd is a bunch of people who are asking you all sorts of questions about Dutch grammar. Like: why do we need ‘pas’ in the sentence ‘dat is pas romantisch!’? I also like to play a character in class. When we practice a conversation at the market, I yell “Bananeeeen!” like a very excited Dutch salesman. Do I have some feedback for my students too? Yes, a bigger applause please, haha!”


Would you like to see Dennis on stage? Check him out:


Festival 'Zing mee aan zee'

– February 14th Songs of the sea

– February 15th Scratch Classical music


Or would you like to meet Dennis in class or on Skype? Take a look at for all the language courses, starting on January 20th 2020. There are 20 languages to choose from including Dutch, French, English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and many more.


You are welcome at one of the open days on January 8th
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