Blame Game

Something distinctive and different emerges when you mix a collective of circus artists, with a common love for urban dance, with a company of movers bridging the gap between street dance and theatre. Kundle Cru have something to say about the finger-pointing-world we live in today. They jump over the usual barriers and constraints of form by mixing it up. They have an exceptional flair for combining the unexpected with skills, music and movement.


Imagine hip hop, Afrobeats and Krump with Chinese pole, Parkour and juggling, plus a bit of House and Popping to boot. Together they reflect something global, hailing from Africa, Ireland, Hong Kong, Poland, Italy, Uganda, Sweden and Holland. Using an innovative move¬ment language, which very much appeals to younger audiences, Blame Game explores our constant search for a scapegoat. By pointing the finger at the ‘other’, those who we disagree with politically and socially, we escape our personal responsibilities.


Date & time

23 January till 25 January, 7.00 PM


€ 10.00 - € 18.00


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Combine with the newest performance by Antonin Comestaz, For all we know at 20:30 hrs. Both performances take place at the Korzo theatre.