Club Catharsis

The performances of tgECHO as well as those of Veenfabriek have as a central theme man’s messy search for a way to live in a malleable world. Together they created the performance Club Catharsis about a woman who goes in search of a new significance in her life. She goes in search of recognition and [spatie te veel] significance and finds herself in a mysterious club. A place where nightmares become reality and where the air is thick with distorted noises and strange music. Where people, unlike in real life, embrace intense suffering instead of trying to anaesthetize it. What began as a game spirals horribly out of control.


Concept: Toneelgroep ECHO en Roeland Hofman

Text and direction: Roeland Hofman

Music: John van Oostrum en Gerjan Piksen

Play: Anna Schoen, Lotte Dunselman, Michaël Bloos,
Ilse Geilen, John van Oostrum

Design: Sascha van Riel


Date & time

Thursday 16 January 2020, 

8:30 PM - 22:00 PM



Korzo hall



€ 7.00 - € 17.00



tgECHO, Veenfabriek



90 min


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