Premiere film documentary: The last Ka i Organ

The renowned builder of the traditional Ka i Organs of Curaçao, a tropical part of our Kingdom, musician and composer Serapio Pinedo became a legend in the Curaçao music scene. Currently this 96-year old artist finishes, with all his love for and knowledge of this instrument, his 64th and last Ka i Organ which is named SERAPIO. This is an homage to this icon from Curaçao. 


The mahogany SERAPIO will arrive with sixteen Caribbean dance pieces in Wassenaar later this year and can be admired by visitors of In 't Groene Hout/GreenWoods, a popular center for country living, nature, music and horses in Wassenaar, and will be part of a collection of precious dance organs. 


On Sunday January 19th, 2020 in the Museo Ka i Organ in Barber, Curaçao, in presence of the film producer, a representative of In t Groene Hout/GreenWoods and guests the première took place of the short documentary film of cineaste Holman titled THE LAST KA I ORGAN.  This film documentary can be seen in the Museo Ka i Organ and in In t Groene Hout/GreenWoods. The Ka'i Organ (Orgel) is a local and traditional music instrument. As an integral part of the Curaçao culture and the development of its local community the organ is said to be an essential element of nation building. The Curaçao government proclaimed last year as the Year of the Ka i Organ. The organ is protected as national heritage (immaterieel cultureel erfgoed) in The Netherlands. This cylinder piano originated in Europe and found its way via Venezuela to Curaçao. In t Groene Hout/GreenWoods will announce later this year when the SERAPIO can be visited.