Renovation British School in the Netherlands Leidschenveen leads to more available childcare places The Hague region

Image: Zein International Childcare

THE HAGUE – In the first month of the new year, part of the renovated campus of the British School in the Netherlands (BSN) has been completed, now housing Zein International Childcare. Before the extensive renovation, Zein was already located on the BSN premises, and during the building works the children of this location were temporarily located in Voorburg at one of Zein’s other locations. The opening of the renovated location called ‘The Willows’ on the BSN premises immediately increases the availibility of childcare places – English-speaking and biligual daycare – for children aged 3 months to 4 years old in The Hague region.


Jan van der Meijden, Co-Founder of Zein International Childcare: “The new location – which we are very happy with – complies with all the requirements set by the Dutch Childcare Law as it is purpose-built especially for us. This means that all standards we set as a premium childcare organisation are taken into account at the earliest stages of planning. As our parent-base expects from us, we far exceed the minumum standards set by the Childcare Law. At The Willows, we offer three times the indoor space, a cosy and spacious inner hall where the children can play, a dedicated chef that prepares the organic meals in a professional kitchen on-site and a natural, age-approriate garden. Since both ourselves and the BSN want to minimize our CO2 footprint, the building is heated and insulated by heat pumps that control the floor heating, supplemented with air heating for an ideal and comfortable indoor climate.

The reopening of The Willows facility both highlights and deepens the partnership between ourselves and the British School in the Netherlands. We are experiencing an increase in the demand for international education and childcare alike; the reopening of The Willows once again allows us to accommodate this demand in the area.


More Childcare Places in The Hague area

With the opening of the new Zein International Childcare facility on the Leidschenveen Campus of The British School in the Netherlands comes a total of 45 -50 extra childcare places, divided across Leidschenveen and Voorburg, where Zein children from Leidschenveen were temporarily placed.


Where the international childcare organisation previously only offered English language childcare, they now also offer bilingual childcare at these two locations. The programs are specifically designed for international families who intend to stay in the Netherlands long-term and for Dutch families whose parents work for international employers and want to expose their children to the Engligh language from a young age.


About Zein International Childcare

Since opening 12 years ago, Zein International Childcare has become the market leader in international childcare in the Netherlands. Zein’s sophisticated and award-winning pedagogical program focuses on growing up in a world with fading national borders, creating an environment in which every child feels welcome and seen. The childcare organization offers daycare, preschool, after-school care and holiday care. With a strong focus on relieving the pressure on international families, Zein operates both independently and in collaboration with all international schools in the The Hague region.


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