Leiden - Scratch Music Days

Scratch comes from the English expression “to start from scratch” or “to start with nothing”. And that is exactly what this event is: together with around 1000 other music lovers from all parts of the country, you learn a piece of music in one day and perform it for the public in the evening.

Led by a professional choir conductor and soloists, De Scratch Music Days offer a stage to singers and musicians from the Netherlands and Europe. Everyone can participate in the choir, whether you are very good or not. For the orchestra, the requirement of extensive (+ 5 years) orchestra experience applies and of course you will be well prepared for the scratch day. Participating in the Scratch Music Days also means a day full of fun, entertainment and new meetings. We have an extensive program every year, so you can choose from different music themes and dates. You can of course participate in multiple days, so please see you Scratch! For further information, check the website here (Directed page is in English, website is in Dutch).


Thursday 13 February

Messiah, by Georg Friedrich Händel

Friday 14 February

Messiah by Youngsters

Saturday 15 February

Musical Highlights

Sunday 16 February

Johannes Passion, by Johann Sebastian Bach


Don’t want to participate, or worried that the days are organised in Dutch? You can always attend the performances at the end of the day! Concert tickets for front seats are €25 (CJP-card-holders and children up to and including 15 years of age pay €22), and rear seats are €17 (€14 for CJP-card-holders and children up to and including 15 years of age). You can buy these tickets here.




Pieterskerkhof 1A

2311 SP Location


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