MULTIVERSE: In the beginning, there was nothing and then even that blew up

The interdisciplinary performance artist Louis Vanhaverbeeke won last year’s Circuit-X prize. Louis has a strong interest in the clash between lifestyles and subcultures that results in an entirely original theatre vocabulary: freestyle, impossible to classify, but legible. In MULTIVERSE, he is a multifunctional disc jockey. Round sound recording media decide the beat, but he’s not a genuine rapper. He bounces arguments, tears off lyrics, and snaps thoughts into a folding set. He pumps up the best hits, brushes off references until thoughts bounce and we blow into a new dimension. Walking and singing, a living kaleidoscope arises. Arranged in degrees between statement and play. Aside from this, his toolkit consists of buckets, Frisbees and household items. Can he escape from this tsunami of words and objects?


"The record’s stuck, you idiot!

- No, that’s called scratching, nitwit!"


Created and performed by

Louis Vanhaverbeke





60 min


Part of

Cirque Mania


Date & time

27 March 2020, 21.00 - 22.00



Korzo Studio



Price € 7.00 - € 15.00


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