Museon Opens Doors Again: Discover the Ice Man

Museon can’t wait to welcome you back!

In order to make the visit as pleasant and safe as possible for everyone, we adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM and the protocol of the Museum Association.


For example, you must purchase your admission ticket online in advance via our ticket page. You immediately reserve a day and a period. Also with a pass for free access or a discount voucher, we ask you to reserve a time slot in advance. In this way, we guarantee the running flows and the 1.5 meter distance for everyone.


The Museon is about experiencing for yourself and you literally and figuratively turn the buttons yourself. We would like to keep it this way – but of course as safe as possible! That is why you can buy a stylus pen (online or via the cash register) to operate the interactive screens. In addition, we often clean all touch points in the exhibitions in the meantime.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know via or speak to our staff during your visit. Or check our website for more information and to purchase tickets.


Current exhibitions


Investigate the mysterious ice mummy

Our successful family exhibition Ötzi, the Iceman can still be seen and experienced! Everyone, young and old, takes on the role of forensic investigator. Take your trace file with you and go on an investigation!


Where was the body found? What objects have been found near the body? What traces are there on and in and around the body? These are all matters that you investigate and ultimately solve! At the end of the exhibition you come face to face with the man who traveled through Europe 5,000 years ago.


National Geographic – Planet or Plastic

A fascinating collection of journalistic photos about plastic – from production and use to (litter) waste. The photos in the exhibition make an unforgettable impression, inspire and encourage more conscious handling of plastic.


For example, come and see the photos of the shops overloaded with plastic items, the wave surfer in the plastic soup or the photo of a man and woman pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle and after two years left only one jar full of unrecyclable and uncompostable waste.


June 1, 2020 – September 30, 2020 all-day


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