Friendly matches based on interests and lifestyle

Friendly matches based on interests and lifestyle.

Mediation agency introduces approach to tackle loneliness among young adults

Amsterdam, July 1st 2020 – It is well known that one in three young adults sometimes feel lonely. Technology has ensured that they know more about each other, but are physically further apart. The agency The Life Driver therefore comes up with a new and personal approach to tackling loneliness. Millennials, freelancers, young professionals and expats in the city are the target group. The agency makes a friendly match based on interests and life attitude. It is important that technology becomes a Life Driver to meet like-minded people offline. The initial consultation is confidential and completely free of charge.


Many millennials who feel lonely especially need in-depth contact and want to go beyond a beer at an event. The solutions to tackle loneliness are scarce and superficial, for example a group walk or a large friendship event. It is unlikely that a good match will be found. In addition, young adults are often embarrassed about acknowledging and talking about loneliness.


Find potential friends

The agency The Life Driver does things differently than apps and websites that are aimed at finding friendships. No uncomfortable big events are organized, because the focus is on a personal match and contact with potential new friends. “It doesn't matter who you are, where you live or what you do. We help you change your life in a unique and positive way, ”says founder Jennifer van Tuyl.


For freelancers, young professionals and expats in the city

“We just want to offer a listening ear. We have a solution for millennials who are looking for genuine friends, but do not know how to find them, ”says van Tuyl. "We do this by creating a safe environment to find new friendships." Van Tuyl wants to focus mainly on freelancers, young professionals and expats in the city, for whom loneliness lurks because of the changing personal circumstances and the lack of permanent colleagues.


A personal approach

Based on a personal profile, The Life Driver searches for someone who fits someone else in a friendly platonic way. With shared interests or life attitude, the step to more in-depth contact is quickly made. “We all feel the need to be heard and seen without immediately seeing a psychologist. Often it is just finding a suitable person that you feel comfortable with, ”says Van Tuyl. "We want to start a movement that goes from empty online encounters to physically valuable encounters, for example from socially passive to socially active."