Back to backpacks, back to school, back to language learning!

Face-to-face and online language courses at the Language Institute TaalTaal

The schools started a while ago and the Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen also kicked off with a new season full of courses in over 20 languages, where classes will be taking place both face-to-face and online. Many students can't wait to greet their teacher ‘off screen’again. TaalTaal has been a well known organisation in Scheveningen for many years: not only do you go to TaalTaal for all kinds of languages and exam courses, but the institute is also a social and cultural meeting place for all ages. Free workshops and events make TaalTaal an excellent place to expand your social network.

In recent months, TaalTaal's online language courses have also increasingly gained ground. Dutch teacher Judith has been working for TaalTaal for a few years and she swears by online teaching: “So many creative educational teaching methods are possible online and my beginner's group is very enthusiastic. Most students have registered for follow-up courses this autumn! ” In other words: online lessons will certainly remain a full option at TaalTaal. You don't have to leave the house and you can work on your new language skills from home, while wearing your warm and fuzzy sweatpants.


Due to the current situation, "the new - but still fun! - TaalTaal" is doing everything possible to keep the physical teaching situation as safe and hygienic as possible. For example, the classrooms are clean and ventilated, there will be hand sanitizer everywhere and the classrooms are designed in such a way that sufficient distance from each other can be kept. The lessons will take place in small groups, where the main vision is preserving the friendly atmosphere, so that everyone feels comfortable and safe.


Do not wait any longer, pack your backpack and go back to school Are you ready for a new language, but in a social way? Then choose TaalTaal! Register without any obligations for a free intake using the online intake form: or call 070-3226091.


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