Must you embrace death to live life to the fullest?

Korzo presents the performance ECHO online in Studio X. Our 3D platform gives you the maXimal experience when you use Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop. Read more about watching performances in Studio X here. 

About the performance

ECHO is a black-comic one woman show about a mother without a mother: Anna. The performance begins with an intimate autobiographical story, to then develop into devastating and poignant fiction. A universal reflection on life and death, on human roots, overpowering fears and the circle of life.

At the time that Anna Schoen plays this performance, she is 41,5 years old. The same age as her mother when she was diagnosed with cancer. She did not yet know that it would be her death sentence. Now Anna is a mother herself and the day is coming when she will be older than her mother was. The audience is a witness to this day. The day when everything can collapse, but also the day when everything breaks open and presents itself anew. The performance is an ode to the imagination and to courage. An ode to life and with that, an ultimate reckoning with death.      


Anna decides to stay in bed on this day. She muses on that one ugly blue toenail. She contemplates spitting on the electric ‘bakfiets’ of that ‘%$#@%^’ at Kobie and Maxie’s after school care. About her father. About her puppet farm, and how it suddenly disappeared. She thinks about Jos. About the death of her mother. About her own death and what she had wanted to do with her life.



The music by the Eef van Breen Group is the foundation of the performance and represents the world around Anna. The circumstances over which she has no control, such as the death of her mother. Anna tries, as we all do, to manoeuvre through these circumstances/life. Sometimes by going with the tide, sometimes by directly opposing it. But music, time, the world move on and follow their own causality and logic. 




theatergroep ECHO


Koen Frijns


Ko van den Bosch

Direction assistant intern

Maggie Symonds

Composition and music

Eef van Breen and de Eef van Breen Group


Anna Schoen

Scenography and lights

Sascha van Riel


Jessica Helbach


Date & time

SAT 17 APR 2021


Korzo Studio X


Info & tickets

€ 4.50 - € 9.00 Per ticket