Moving Futures Festival: Solitude

An inner journey to the highs and lows of silence and loneliness

Korzo presents the Moving Futures Festival fully online in Studio X. Oour 3D platform provides you with the optimal eXperience if you use Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop. Read more here on how to watch performances in Studio X.

In Solitude, choreographer and dance maker Ruben Chi shows the heights and depths of silence and solitude, as a person and as an artist. In 2020, the world fell silent for a while. Chi noticed: in that silence, only your own voice remains. The question is, who dares to listen - and who runs away from it?


In Solitude, 20-year-old hip-hop/battle dancer Joley Groeizaam takes you on an inner journey. An expressive hip-hop dance solo about the kaleidoscope of emotions and confrontations with yourself during solitude, and the power that lies in the confrontation with your own silence.



Ruben Chi


Part of

Moving Futures Festival


Date & time

25 April, 2021, 20.00

Korzo Studio X



€ 4.50 - € 9.00

Per ticket


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