Flux is inspiring. Flux is greatness. Flux is everlasting. We are FluX

New at Korzo! Inspired by the popular saying “Each one, teach one” from hip-hop culture, Korzo introduces the new program series FluX. Program makers Joëlle Raus Prudence and Sheree Lenting create a platform in which connection, dialogue and movement are central. They introduce you to surprising forms of dance, performance and spoken word. During FluX you can not only watch performances, but also participate in motivational workshops, inspiring talks and creative (online) sessions.


Korzo presents the first edition of FluX online in Studio X. Our 3D platform gives you the maXimal experience when you use Google Chrome on your laptop or desktop. Visit korzo.nl/en/info/visitors/korzo-livestreams/ for more information about watching performances in Studio X. 


Family, connections & identity

In the first online edition, Sheree and Joëlle talk to makers and the public about family ties and identity. What kind of family did you grow up in, what role does your mother play in your life, what influence has this (had) on your identity, how do you feel about life now?

Spoken become artist Lisette Ma Neza and theater maker Gavin Viano share their story. Via an online stream, Amira al Rawi shares her performance Nadia, an ode to her mother, followed by an aftertalk. Choreographer / dancer Dalton Jansen reflects on his own relationship with his mother and is inspired by the performance of Amira in a short dance reflection. The public can connect via Zoom to talk and ask the makers questions.


19:30 FluX begins now

Nadia - Amira al Rawi (€)

After talk with Amira al Rawi and Leo Spreksel

Zoom link to be published later

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