Zein Holiday Camps – Adventure Paves the Way

Each year, children look forward to the summer holidays with the same anticipation and excitement. And whilst this summer, like last, will be a little different for most, Zein International Childcare’s English-speaking Summer Day Camps will once again provide a fun and familiar environment for children aged 4-12. Arranged by both age groups and activity themes, Zein’s diverse programme ensures that all children can grow, explore and learn about themselves, their interests, abilities, talents and the world around them – all whilst having fun and making new friends. 

A typical camp day at Zein
No day is the same at camp! Children enjoy a wide variety of themed workshop activities, sports, recreational games and, of course, exciting field trips, all under the guidance of dedicated, qualified childcare teachers who ensure every child receives the individual attention and support they need. We understand that every child is unique, and summer camp can benefit each child in different ways.

Aiming to spark the interest of all Zein campers, children are split into age groups. Each group receives individualised programmes, packed with a combination of activities suitable to the ages of the children whilst focussing on the overarching theme. Whilst younger campers, for example, will learn the basics of how to use a camera during Photography Camp, the older children will learn more advanced techniques. Additionally, young campers are gently guided in their activities and options, whilst older kids experience more autonomy and control over the shape of their day.


With over a decade of experience in providing camps for the international community, Zein knows that their carefully structured daily routine further contributes to the children feeling happy and at home at camp. Breakfast, lunch and snacks – all freshly prepared and organic – are served at set times, and each day starts with a meeting to build enthusiasm for the adventures planned for the day.

Adventure Paves the Way for Development

Themed holiday camps are the perfect place for kids to develop their existing interests, discover new hobbies and learn different skills! Whether your child is a budding photographer, a sports star, loves to perform or even wants to try their hand at circus skills, there is a camp for them at Zein International Childcare. 

Zein’s teachers are also trained to help campers develop social-emotional skills such as cooperation, connecting, selflessness, and empathy. These skills help children to build new and existing friendships with campers around them. Having made new friends and with a newfound sense of belonging, children will come away from holiday camps refreshed, with greater self-esteem and the confidence to tackle whatever the new school year has in store for them! 


Zein Holiday Camps run during all holidays of the key international schools in The Hague. This summer from 1 July – 3 September, Zein offers 8 different multi-activity & themed Holiday Day Camps across multiple locations in The Hague. The programmes are carefully put together by a team of pedagogic professionals, sports teachers and other specialists to meet the interests of each child.  

More information about Zein International Childcare: www.zeinchildcare.nl