About The Local Expat

The Local Expat has existed since May 2007. It's success in The Hague and Wassenaar was quickly realized. Allowing The Local Expat to cover a big part of The Hague and it's surroundings.

This is the first monthly published newspaper to bring the large group of expatriates in and around The Hague Dutch news in their own language. The Local Expat newspapers are widely distributed to a specific group of expatriates in The Hague and Wassenaar.

You can get your free issue at City Hall and international organizations, corporations, hotels, shops, different restaurants, international schools and various epicenters of The Hague international and expatriate community.

The founder of The Local Expat is Michiel Martijn who, in 1997, started working at The Postiljon in Pijnacker. The Local Expat has now grown to a welknown newspaper in and around The Hague.