Second season of Premier League Basketball in The Hague 

In September 2020, The Hague Royals started playing at the highest level of the Dutch Basketball League. They host their home games at the beautiful SportsCenter “Sportcampus Zuiderpark”, located at the same spot where once the soccer team FC Den Haag played and enjoyed many of their successes. We are proud to be able to bring Premier League basketball to the same spot.

During that first season, all games were played without supporters, but a lot of fans did watch the home games via The Hague Royals YouTube channel.  After a series of trials, the team consisted of players from all over the world: Eric Kibi from Canada and Tim Trousel from France. Some players came from local clubs, like Willem van der Togt and Laurens Yperlaan from Lokomotief Rijswijk and Bart Beijnsdorp from the Squirrels (Berkel en Rodenrijs). 


The corona pandemic made the first season for The Royals a real challenge. But  this season coach Bert Samson and the team, extended with some new players; Snorri Vignisson, Arben Camaj, Skip Samson, and Bryce Smith are looking forward to doing even better.


Basketball in The Netherlands is growing in popularity and is getting more and more exposure. The Hague Royals offers you and your company the chance to expand your network via our business club 


Basketball is a beautiful sport. Especially for the youth players, we developed an initiative to show them just how beautiful the game can be. As a club, we will provide a minimum of 200 children from The Hague with the chance to experience basketball. We will find a spot on the field to enjoy this exciting game for all children between 6 and 12 years of age, tall or short, boy or girl, fast or just a little bit slower. 


We hope to be able to welcome you at one of our home games soon.




Everyone can order the teams lovely green and yellow jerseys via email: