VAN LENNEP Kliniek  Beautiful in winter 

Autumn is an excellent time to pay more attention to your skin. If you opt for a number of treatments at Van Lennep Kliniek now, you can be sure that you will soon be sitting down at Christmas dinner looking radiant and refreshed. 

Sunshine and open air can give you a nice red blush on the cheeks, but unfortunately, they also cause damage to the skin. To slow down the aging process and keep you looking good, no matter what age, there are countless products and treatments on the market. How do you make the right choice? Ludy Holst, cosmetic doctor KNMG, founder and director of Van Lennep Kliniek, works with a professionally trained team of skin therapists, cosmetic doctors and a plastic surgeon. "The attention for our industry is growing. I can imagine that it is difficult for clients to determine what they are doing right. We have so much knowledge and experience in-house that I can guarantee that the result of every treatment will be the right one, beautiful and natural and absolutely safe."   



A natural look for everyone 

Ludy is a cosmetic doctor and entrepreneur with a passion: "Everyone can continue to look good in a way that suits them. We help by creating realistic ideas and give realistic advice of the possibilities. People expect a certain result, often because of what they see in others or in the media. We look at the person from different angles, while he, or she is talking and moving - no selfie - and know what can be effectively improved. We manage expectations, motivate clients to look at the whole instead of just one detail, and we can also change their self-image in a positive way. I believe in a combination of different therapies, which is why we also have a wide range of treatments at our clinic and products (skincare) to use at home.


Clearlift, for example, is a laser facelift to firm up the skin of the face, neck and décolleté and soften wrinkles for anyone who doesn't want fillers (yet) but wants full firm skin. "We can even slightly increase the volume of the lips and tighten the lip contour with this Clearlift. This Lip Plumping Treatment is a real hit!" With Belotero® Revive, you hydrate the skin around the eyes and lips with injections. Ideal for 'beginners'. After three to four treatments with three weeks in between, you look rested and healthy again. Suitable for ladies and gentlemen." 


New location 

Besides our two locations in The Hague, our third location in Oegstgeest - De Kempenaerstraat 28 - has been completely renovated! Spacious, pleasant and accessible, with the familiar Van Lennep Kliniek attention, service, quality and safety. You are most welcome. 


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