The Sonorous Project

Piano, guitar and double bass. This type of jazz trio is immediately reminiscent of chamber music, due to the obvious absence of percussion. It can give the impression of being on your couch, at home. It is comfortable to listen to, but can also be full of surprises.


Inspired by Oscar Peterson, Nat King Cole and other great examples of drumless trios, the Sonorous Project brings an original take on the formula, without losing sight of tradition.


With their varied influences, Camille Prenant, Capser Christensen and Matheus Nicolaiewsky travel from the "Harlem Renaissance" to modern times, stopping off in Brazil for a bit of Chorinho and in France for some Django Reinhart.

A great trio! Originally from France, Brazil and Denmark, they are now in The Hague to make you experience their love for music, under the fantastic acoustics of the Waalse Kerk.

Friday 15 October 20:00

Waalse Kerk € 11,20