Immerse yourself in a language this winter at TaalTaal!

Dutch & English Immersion courses for Beginners

If you really want to challenge yourself, you could take a healthy dip in the sea like ‘The Iceman’ Wim Hof. Hmmm. Perhaps a different kind of challenge, but with comfort and a lot of personal attention? Then take a warm ‘language bath’ at the Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen. Immerse yourself in the Dutch or English language and receive new tools within two weeks to master the first steps of the language.

During Dutch Immersion courses, you will receive 60 hours of lessons in a small and lively group for just two weeks. There are three levels: Immersion 1 for real beginners (level A0 to A1), Immersion 2 for semi-beginners (level A1 to A2) and Immersion 3 for Intermediate students (at level A2 to B1):


The next Dutch Immersion 2 course will be starting on November 15th and there is also Dutch Immersion 1 on December 6th.


Immersion courses are ideal for people who:

want to quickly acquire the basics of the language

have little time or are only in the Netherlands for a short time

could use a motivational boost


Not only do you work on your vocabulary and grammar, but especially practical conversation is a central part of the course. In addition, you get to know new people, plus: (Dutch) snacks and drinks are regularly available to activate the brain.


New at TaalTaal are the Immersion courses for English! Would you like more information about this? 

Then please contact TaalTaal via


In the week of January 17th 2022, all group courses for more than 20 languages will be starting again. The full program can be found here:


When in doubt about language levels, it is best to first plan a free intake via the online intake form:


Also be sure to visit the TaalTaal Open Days on 15th December, 5th January and 8th January!