Exhibition: From Shanghai to The Hague


25-28 November 2021


Tournooiveld 5, The Hague


The Hague, November 2021 

The exhibition ‘From Shanghai to The Hague’ in the city center of The Hague is organised by artists José Sintnicolaas and Janine van Herwaarden. Nine years ago the two fellow artists shared a studio in Shanghai and started their joint artist journey there.

This time they will be showing a mix of paintings and sculptures together with Carole Swarthof.


Both artists are very grateful for the opportunities they had in Shanghai to share their art (and their love for art) with the people they met there.


Showing her art here, Janine van Herwaarden has returned to The Hague. Through her Chinese inlaws she will always stay connected to China.

Her abstract paintings are colorful and are made with different materials. She is inspired by everyday life and nature, and aims to show the beauty of imperfection.


During ‘From Shanghai to The Hague’ José Sintnicolaas will show her Earth series, bold mixed media artworks with glass pieces, sand and paper. This series is a tribute to the earth. Witnessing the enormous pollution and destruction of nature in Asia brought these paintings to life. Her intention is to create more awareness for sustainability.


A wonderful addition to the paintings are the sculptures of Carole Swarthof.

Connection and change in and between humans and nature are central themes in her work, and therefor a shared inspiration.

Her abstract sculptures invite the visitor to feel and experience. Their shapes are flowing and organic and seduce to caress. Carole works with a variety of stones and clay.



From Shanghai to The Hague

25-28 November 2021

Daily from 12 to 6 PM, Friday 26 November also from 7 PM to 9 PM, and by appointment.

Tournooiveld 5, The Hague

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