Dutch isn't just difficult but beautiful!

Olga from Russia has mastered Dutch in 60 hours with a TaalTaal package.

In this chaotic period of lockdowns, it can be difficult to find something that’s fun and interesting to do. The Russian Olga also suffered from this. She says: “Due to the crisis, doors opened and closed, I was unable to continue learning Dutch.” Then in November she took her chance and she registered for the intensive Dutch Immersion 3 Intermediate level A2/B1 course at TaalTaal Language Institute in Scheveningen.

The cheerful Olga already speaks quite a bit of Dutch, but she likes to make progress quickly, especially because of her job as a guide at the Panorama Mesdag Museum. Due to circumstances, Olga was left as the only student in the Immersion Course. Normally, there has to be a minimum of 3 students in order for a course to take place, but Olga was lucky and got the entire course of 60 hours with her own private tutors, this was already a plus!


Olga was therefore very happy: “I really benefited from this period and I am extremely grateful to TaalTaal that I got so many hours for the same price. I also thought the course itself was absolutely fantastic! I like the method, doing lessons with four different teachers. I have learned a lot from them, for example about the Dutch word 'er' (*there). Now I know where this word needs to be positioned in a sentence. I can now enjoy prepositions such as 'op' (on), 'naar' (to), etc. Almost all the grammar has been covered, but now I have to start using it!”


Fortunately, after those 60 intensive hours on her own, Olga can still smile. She is very complimentary about TaalTaal and she especially praises the high quality of the course and the tips from the four teachers. When asked to summarize her experiences at TaalTaal, Olga says: “It was so much fun, mainly because of the different way of teaching  and the multiple teachers. By the way, I am far from done and I also want to follow the Dutch Immersion 4 course, so I can fully reach the B1 level. If I had to describe myself, I would call myself an explorer and I want to explore the Dutch language more in depth. Now I really see that the Dutch language is beautiful and not just difficult!”

Do you also want to be treated as a Very Important Language Learner? According to TaalTaal everyone is important, but with Immersion you’ll get the best possible deal. The lessons are intensive, challenging, fun and educational! Would you like to know more about TaalTaal and the various language courses? Then visit one of the Open Days on December 15th, January 5th and January 8th. The new course season will be starting again in the week of January 17th 2022 for all languages.


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The TaalTaal team wishes everyone happy holidays!