Brabant Lederwarenhuis: Reason to celebrate 

The Hague- “The years fly by, but it all seems such s short time ago,” says Karin Bodde, owner of the Brabants Lederwarenhuis. Her father Rienus (nickname 'De Brabander') worked for many years in a leather goods factory, where he designed and made bags, when he saw the shop for rent located at the Frederik Hendriklaan. Together with his wife Lia, he took over the shop from Mr Stuivenga in 1972 (50 years ago).

For years, the Brabant Lederwarenhuis was located at number 235, but when the opportunity was there to add number 237, next door,

they made sure not to miss this opportunity. Within a few years, we managed to expand the range, which quickly resulted in a lack of space. They then decided to include the garden in the building, which created the store as it is today. Daughter Karin and her husband Erik Bodde have also become involved in the store since 1990 and took over the store in 2008. “In 2010 we started to tackle the store so that it was exactly what we had in mind.”, Erik explains. “A major renovation was inevitable. The entrance to the store was moved, a warehouse was created at the back and the interior was completely renovated.” 


This year the Brabant Lederwarenhuis celebrates its 50th anniversary and to celebrate this, the store is planning three public holidays. “We will be celebrating in the store from Saturday the 26th of march untill Saturday April 2nd together with all our customers. We will continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary in the store, on Facebook and in this newspaper,” Erik says. 


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Brabants Lederwarenhuis 

Frederik Hendriklaan 235-237 

Phone: 070-3555014