Danstheater AYA: Dubbelbloed #2


Humoristic performance where dance and music need no passport.

In 2006, AYA played the performance Dubbelbloed to great acclaim, about the Dutch-Surinamese dancer Regilio Sedoc and his ‘Dutch’ sidekick, rapper Vincent van der Velde.


Now they present Dubbelbloed #2 with beat-boxer and dancer/performer Abdelhadi Baadi, the son of Moroccan parents, born in the Netherlands. Dubbelbloed #2 takes a sharp satirical look at stereotypes. A light and humoristic journey of discovery where borderless dance and music are in no need of a passport.


Dates and Times

Friday 18 March, 19:30



Korzo theater

Korzo Zaal



€ 6,50 - € 16,00


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