Burning Bridges Furia

Furia is an energetic, theatrical dance concert with penetrating live music that cannot be missed. It is a direct ode to the power of women. The audience is taken on a courageous, poetic and musical journey through her deepest souls. In search of the inspired basis that hides behind the emotion of anger. Furia is as explosive, subdued and comprehensive as anger itself. With alternation between dance, song and theatre, hard and fast transitions, hinting at flamenco, the power of heels and clenched fists.

Jens van Daele and Patricia van Deutekom worked together for almost 2 decades. Jens van Daele passed away suddenly in 2020. With Furia, Van Deutekom wants to pay tribute to the artistic heritage of her great love and inspiration. Under Burning Bridges, a new start was made in 2021. With the collective that Van Daele and Van Deutekom have gathered around them, the productions and character of the work will be both new and recognizable to their loyal audience.


Dates and Times

Sunday 20 March, 16:00



Korzo theater

Korzo zaal



€ 8,00 - € 16,00