Moving Futures Festival: Margela

A physically embodied, raw and reciprocal experience.

Going Primal is a physical and ritualistic performative novel by Keren Rosenberg which consists of six chapters of performative experiences that seeks to bring the body back in time, to its primal roots: boundless and free.

In immersive cross-disciplinary performative spaces – both in real life and in virtual environments – boundaries between performers, audience, and space dissolve into an energetically charged and ecstatic experience. Using her method of Body-House as the ‘language’ that is shared with both performers and spectators, Keren gives keys to enter to the unfolding experiences with an open heart and a physically present body.

The figure of Margela, is the physical, artistic, and spiritual source from which Keren’s performative novel Going Primal is derived from. It is an ode to her ancestral spirit: a combative hero with a soft heart.


Dates and Times

Thursday 31 March, 21:50



Korzo theater

Tickets: € 5,50 - € 10,00