‘Klein, kleiner, kleinst’: Learn Dutch with TaalTaal in the smallest city in the world!

Almost everyone in the Netherlands has been there before and tourists are also huge fans of this typical Dutch hot spot: miniature city Madurodam in The Hague is fun for everybody, regardless of their age! Furthermore, a visit is recommended for people who are learning Dutch, for example two motivated TaalTaal students; Eren from Turkey and Frauke from Germany. And what better way is there to see almost all of the Netherlands in just one sunny afternoon? “Laten we snel gaan!”


The Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen is always up for colouring a bit outside the lines. When the weather is so beautiful as it was last March, staying inside studying seemed like a true crime, according to Dutch teachers Dennis and Fleur. Dutch students Eren and Frauke attended a Dutch Immersion 1 course together, which is an intensive two-week course for beginners in a small group. The aim of this course is to learn the basics of the Dutch language, including: introducing yourself and ordering something in a restaurant, but also learning to use the past tense “Waar ben je geweest?' Ik ben naar Madurodam geweest!” The fabulous foursome walks past all the small houses, buildings and different ways of transport, such as small airplanes, cars and trains.

Yes, the ‘diminutives’ were used profusely: “Heb je dat treintje gezien?” A small but very fast train passes by and Frauke is completely impressed: "Is dat een Thalys? Wat grappig!” The Hague was of course also represented, for example the Binnenhof with the house of Parliament, but even Scheveningen with the Circustheater promoting the Aladdin musical. Just one small detail was still missing, but that has been taken care of….;-)

So, why not learn in a small group in order to receive big results? Then give Dutch Immersion a go! 

More information can be found on: https://www.taaltaal.nl/immersion/dutch. There is an Open Day on 9th April and free online intakes are available here: https://www.taaltaal.nl/en/intake/. Spring courses for all languages will be starting at the end of April and/or early May: