Carwash Scheveningen opens again

Carwash Scheveningen is open again and is totally renewed. A new machine was installed, new floor and new drive through.


Owner Dave Meijburg. “ Yes, this was really nescecary , it was all a bit dated. The cars didn’t dry enough with the old installation so we had a lot work drying the cars by hand. This ueds to take a lot of time but with the installation of the new machine this is over now. So you have a better result now.

We also installed a new floor, new sidepanels on the walls so everything looks nice and fresh again. Its still possible to stay in your car during the program or wait outside.

The entrance has a new look and feel and, another thing from the past is the change on the road as you leave the carwash. A lot of people damaged their rims, so we changed the whole lot to make sure this doesnt happen anymore. Now that this has changed we see a lot of our old clients returning to our carwash.

Off course we wil still give our aftercare on all the cars like we are used to.


We are looking forward to welcome you!


Carwash Scheveningen

Zwolsestraat 424

2587 VK Scheveningen

Tel: 070-7560364