Dutch Movies Matter competition program announced

The Movies that Matter Festival selects eight homegrown titles for the Dutch Movies Matter competition programme. Varying from powerful documentaries to gripping feature films. The Dutch Movies Matter Award will be presented during the Award Night on Wednesday 13 April at 6:30 PM. The director of the winning film will receive €5,000 in prize money. 

The Dutch Movies Matter Night will then take place at 20:00 with a screening including an in-depth look at  Along the Way  (Mijke de Jong), a moving film about Fatima and Zahra who are trying to reach Fort Europe.  


The Movies that Matter Festival 2022 will take place from Friday 8 to Saturday 16 April in The Hague, across the country and online. Ticket sales start on Thursday 24 March.  


Dutch Movies Matter is made possible in part by VEVAM, the copyright organization for directors.


We don't talk 

Marjolein Busstra | 70 min | Netherlands | Documentary | World premiere

Dunya, Adil, Amy and Delilah are Dutch teenagers who have been sexually abused and exploited. Their therapists try their best to get through to them, but their defense mechanisms are strong. What does it take to gain their trust, open up and love themselves? 


We don't talk was produced by HALAL in collaboration with KRO-NCRV and was realized with support from the NPO fund. The film will be broadcast on April 12 at 22.26 as KRO-NCRV 2Doc.


The Great Silence

Marieke van der Winden | 90 minutes | Netherlands | Documentary | World premiere

Marieke van der Winden's gripping quest into her family's wartime past shows the taboo that many families who collaborated with the Germans have to deal with. At her mother's funeral, an uncle tells her that her grandparents were wrong. For thirty years she does not dare to face that family secret. Now she sets out in search of the humiliating truth. The stories offer little comfort, but they do offer insights into the disturbed relationship with her mother. 

Het Grote Verzwijgen is a co-production of KRO-NCRV and Witfilm and was realized with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO, NPO Fund and the Netherlands Production Incentive. 



Eva van Barneveld | 71 min | Netherlands | Documentary | World premiere

Lovers Hetty (76) and Jeanne (91) are determined to 'enjoy until the end'. But Jeanne's dementia is getting worse, and that puts a strain on their happiness. Beautiful, intimate portrait of true love based on honesty, tenderness and a desire for pure joy. 


Liefsteling is a production of Tangerine Tree and will  be broadcast on April 11 by KRO-NCRV.


Sexual Healing

Elsbeth Fraanje | 55 min | Netherlands | Documentary | World premiere

Intimate portrait of Evelien, who has been spastic since birth and has a strong desire for sexuality. Now, at 53, she feels the time is right for a quest for intimacy. But doubt and uncertainty are never far away. Can she overcome her inner obstacles? 


Sexual Healing is a production by Tangerine Tree and BNNVARA and will be broadcast on May 16 on BNNVARA.


Huda's Salon

Hany Abu-Assad | 91 min | Netherlands, Palestine, Egypt, Netherlands, United Kingdom | Fiction | Dutch premiere

Powerful thriller by director Hany Abu-Assad ( Paradise Now ) about fear and betrayal in the West Bank. The young mother Reem is blackmailed by her hairdresser Huda forced to spy for Israel's secret service. If the Palestinian resistance finds out about Huda's operation, they are both in grave danger. 


Huda's Salon will be released by September Film later this year.

With Knife

Sam de Jong | 79 min | Netherlands | Fiction

Very funny, colorful satire with magical-realistic touches. When the famous television personality Eveline's camera is stolen by the high school student Yousef, Eveline lies that she has been violently robbed. This has far-reaching consequences for Yousef and for herself – consequences that Eveline apparently cannot or does not want to reverse. 


Met Mes  will be released on April 14 by Gusto Entertainment.


Along the Way

Mijke de Jong | 80 min | Netherlands | Fiction

19-year-old Afghan twins Fatima and Zahra are separated from their families on the run. While their mother and sisters are granted asylum in the Netherlands, they have to survive in Istanbul. Fantastically played by the sisters Malihe and Nahid Rezaie, who helped with the screenplay. 


Along the Way  will be released on April 14 by September Film.


I am a bastard

Ahmet Polat | 55 min | Netherlands | Documentary | World premiere

Writer and actor Rashif El Kaoui is the child of a Flemish mother and an alcoholic Moroccan father who was not there for him. Now Rashif travels to Morocco in search of his roots. He fears what he will discover – about his father, his family, and about himself.  


Ik ben een bastard is a production by Studio Biarritz in co-production with NTR, Het Uur van de Wolf, and can be seen on 20 April in Het Uur van de Wolf at the NTR.


About the Movies that Matter Festival

From 8 to 16 April, the Movies that Matter Festival screens more than 80 special and high-profile feature films and documentaries for nine days. Filmmakers and activists from all over the world are guests (online) at in-depth programs and Q&As. The festival has three main competitions. In  Activist  you watch documentaries about the work and life of human rights defenders. Camera Justitia  zooms in on the importance of the rule of law and the fight against impunity. The third competition program is  Dutch Movies Matter, with Dutch feature films and documentaries that open eyes to human rights. The Movies that Matter Festival presents a total of seven awards within the various competitions. The festival organizes an extensive education program for secondary education and senior secondary vocational education. The best festival films go On Tour through 17 cities across the country. 


The films in  Take on Future  show the dilemmas of the transition to a sustainable future. What does it take to speed this up? Take on Love  is a colorful, diverse and sparkling themed program about the right to be yourself and to love whoever you want. In  Take on Power the Movies that Matter Festival presents films about unequal power relations. And about people who take on forces and structures that seem bigger than themselves. The new Take on Voices theme   gives a voice to journalists, festival organizers, filmmakers, activists and artists whose freedom of expression is restricted. Recent and urgent films from and about Afghanistan are featured in  Take on Afghanistan . What profound impact are the latest political developments having on filmmakers and human rights in the country? 

The Movies that Matter Festival 2022 is made possible by main partner Nationale Postcodeloterij and (partly subject to) partners such as Amnesty International, ASN Foundation, Creative Europe Media, Municipality of The Hague, Fonds 1818, Fonds 21, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands Film Fund, Oak Foundation, vfonds, VEVAM and VSBfonds. 


The most important media partners are Dagblad Trouw and BNNVARA.