Chambers Advocaten: international legal problem solvers

Lawyers, you would rather not need them, especially not when children are involved. When you get married, you don't expect you will ever break up. When a loved one dies, you do not expect any hassle about the division of the estate. In reality however the situation is often more complicated than it seemed beforehand. Fortunately, in such an unpleasant situation you can call on Chambers Advocaten in the Benoordenhout district of The Hague for legal assistance. Chambers Advocaten focuses on (international) divorce cases, maintenance/alimony obligations, visitation rights and inheritance law.

Specialists in (international) 

Family law and Inheritance Law

Chambers Advocaten was founded almost 20 years ago. The founders were inspired by the London Chambers where the 'barristers' hold office, but also by the American judges who consult with lawyers outside the courtroom in so-called 'Chambers'.


In 2022 Chambers Advocaten is a partnership of four independent lawyers, all specialized in family law and mediation. Chambers Advocaten has a lot of experience and expertise in-house and charges a reasonable price for legal services of high quality.


A considerable percentage of the clients of Chambers Advocaten has an international background and/or works for an international organisation. All lawyers are fluent in English and are specialized in international law and familiar with the international aspects of a case.


Client comes first

The client comes first. The legal options will be discussed without losing sight of possible practical solutions. Chambers Advocaten does everything to achieve the best possible result for their client by means of consultation, mediation or a legal proceeding with the court.


Clients can count on the fact that they will always be assisted by the same lawyer or mediator during the entire handling of their case.

Prior and during the (divorce) proceeding Chambers Advocaten tries to reach an agreement between both parties about the legal and practical consequences. What matters is that agreements that are made continue to function as planned and for as long as possible. If it turns out impossible to reach an agreement the relevant merits of the case will be presented to the court in such a way that it will lead to a verdict with the best possible result for their client.



If you have a question please feel free to contact the law firm Chambers Advocaten at, 

070- 3154000, Breitnerlaan 299 in The Hague.