Birds: Real freedom, what does that look like?

© Nick van Tiem


If you live in a child welfare institution, you can feel like you’re an outsider. Parents, vacations, an ‘ordinary’ life; you have no experience of all this. Thinking of the future can therefore be very frightening. There is usually not much encouragement for talent in these institutions. That I wanted to dance, was not seen as a very good idea there. By talking to these young people and making a performance based on these conversations, I want to make their hopes and dreams visible, give them a voice. - Dalton Jansen


Real freedom, what does that look like? In the child welfare institutions where he grew up, choreographer and dancer Dalton Jansen often looked out of the window at the birds. They were free, but searched for food all day. What would happen to him when he got free? Would he make it, there, in the outside world? In the performance filled with dance, spoken word and music, Dalton depicts the difficult path to maturity taken by young people who cannot live at home. How do you deal with the future if you did not grow up in a safe nest? Are you ready for society? And is society ready for you? With Birds, Dalton wants to show that it is possible: fight your way out of a bad situation, though it is never easy.

Dates and Times

Friday 15 April, 20:30



Korzo theater

Korzo Zaal


€ 8,00 - 16,00


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