'Hakken met haring' during Dutch lessons at TaalTaal in Scheveningen

Festival lover and Dutch student Chris about discovering the Dutch dance scene and the 'VrijMiBo'

During the day, he has a serious office job in The Hague, but at the weekend, the Polish-American Chris goes all out on Dutch dance music! Drum and bass, techno, Chris says he can talk about dance music for hours. Laughingly Chris says: "I got to know the Netherlands in the 90s because of the gabber!" Nowadays, Dutch festivals are a big part of his life. He says with a chuckle: "When I had to go to The Hague from the US for work, I immediately booked a festival in Groningen. I thought: The Netherlands is small, how far can Groningen actually be? It turned out I was on the train for three hours! The other festival visitors were surprised that an American had traveled so far for just a festival!"

Since October 2021, Chris has been taking Dutch lessons from teacher Robyn at the Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen. They have a lot in common, including their experiences with the US, but also the fact that both recently moved to the same neighborhood. Chris is very pleased about his contact with Robyn: "We laugh and we joke around a lot!" Despite his predilection for American junk food, Chris is still very happy that he lives in the Netherlands. Chris: "I find the balance between work and leisure much better here. I also really like the 'VrijMiBo' (afternoon drinks on a Friday)!" Chris says he also doesn't need to take the Civic Integration Exam 'Inburgering', because: "Ik ben een Poolse burgemeester (a Polish mayor). Ehhh, I mean, ik ben een Poolse burger (a Polish citizen), hahaha!"


Chris already speaks quite a lot of Dutch and that makes him happy, because now 'he knows what others say about him'. Actually, he's used to everything, except for the Dutch 'cold lunch' including the well-known cheese sandwich. Chris explains: "We almost always eat a hot meal for lunch in the US. I love junk food. Do you want to know what my guilty pleasure is? Belgian waffles with fried chicken, chili and maple syrup!" Robyn sits next to him and she pulls a face filled with disgust. Then Chris shouts: "Oh, and fresh herring! You have to eat it like a seal. That reminds me, it's almost Vlaggetjesdag (Flag Day in Scheveningen, celebrating the arrival of the new herring), right?"


This funny interview was then concluded with an imaginary herring and of course, a happy dance. Robyn and Chris 'hakken met haring'!

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