Keti Koti Monologues

Keti Koti is a celebration of the day that slavery ended in Surinam (July 1, 1863). To commemorate the abolition of slavery in areas colonised by the Netherlands, STET is organising the Keti Koti Monologues, a programme of short performances that reflect on the practices of slavery and its legacy.


Every night, there will be three solo performances -spoken word by Daniëlle Zawadi, physical performance by Ritzah Statia, monologue by Rosa Weekers- and one speaker each night who will elaborate more on the consequences of slavery. 


Dates and Times

Friday 17 June 20:00

Saturday 18 June 20:00

Friday 1 July 20:30



Koninklijke Schouwburg



€ 16,50 - 24,00 


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