KLM Urban Trail®

This is a very special running experience, about 10 km and it takes you past and through some unique buildings. It's a voyage of discovery that combines sport, culture and architecture. 

What's an Urban Trail?

An Urban Trail is a running event, but it's a bit different to ordinary runs. The Urban Trail concept focuses on the unique experience of a route through the city. There isn't any competitive element, which means there aren’t any results either. The route takes you past (or even through) some unique urban locations, buildings and places of historical interest. It's suitable for people of all ages and the focus is on experiencing an urban environment. And there's a breakfast for all participants after the finish.


The course is about 5 or 10 km through The Hague city centre.



Participants will start in 5 'start waves' with a break in between each one, so that everyone can run comfortably along the narrower streets, up and down steps and through buildings. The start location is at the Lange Vijverberg were you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of The Hague. The Finish locations is near the Lange Voorhout. 


How to register

Go to the website of the KLM Urban Trail The Hague were you can register to participate for the run. 

Dates and Times

Sunday 3 July 09:30



The Hague city centre


€ 27,50 - € 31,00