Classical Soundwave Collective and urban Josimar Gomes open Theatre Festival De Parade in The Hague

The Hague, June 21, 2022 - More painfully current than ever, putting ourselves in the shoes of the fighters on the Dombas, Kiev or Palestine. war is unfortunately of all times. Also composer Igor Stravinsky drew inspiration from it for his famous melodrama L'Histoire du Soldat, written in1918. And with that masterpiece, classical music collective from The Hague Soundwave Collective and spoken word artist Josimar Gomes from Rotterdam will launch the Theatre Festival De Parade next week. Although in its own (time) version, since they rewrote Stravinsky's
classical music about a soldier giving his soul to the devil in urban hiphop style. The show will be played twice every evening from July 1 till 6 in the Westbroekpark in The Hague.

History of a Soldier
Soundwave Collective and Gomes made their 'modern' Stravinsky in 2020, not knowing that currently the performance appeals to the imagination even more. The History of the Soldier tells the ancient story of the soldier who on his way home sells its soul to the devil. Composer Stravinsky wrote the lyrics and music shortly after the First World War. The story deals with temptation and disappointment, sharply marked by the composer's music and modernist style.


Classic but modern
Soundwave Collective will perform the music live with a chamber ensemble consisting of seven upcoming classical talents. The original texts of the composer have been rewritten by upcoming hiphop singer Gomes, inspired by the contemporary urban scene he works in. The soul of Gomes and the classic craftsmanship of the Soundwave Collective together give sound to a story of war. And that is unfortunately of all times.

Libia Hernández, founder and conductor of Soundwave Collective explains: “It remains exciting to work with great masters like Stravinsky. His piece is a monument in itself. But with Josimar it felt logical to make our own version out of it. We therefore made an even more modern version of the modernist soldier and we think that turned out quite nicely. Let's just hope that Stravinsky would feel the same way.”

Societal engaged artists
Gomes and Hernández found each other in the love for music, storytelling and their roots both within and outside the Dutch language and culture. The committed Gomes has a background in hiphop - last year he released in collaboration with Black Lives Matter his album and theatre show The Black Experience. Then he met the 'more serious' classical work through Hernández, who was equally committed. A style that Gomes again quickly mastered. Inspired by each other, they wrote their own version of Stravinsky's famous piece L'Histoire du Soldat. The writing took place during corona times and the result was recorded on video. Navigating between the lockdowns, Soundwave Collective performed the piece a number of times on Lange Voorhout in The Hague.

Gomes: “My creative outbursts, the songs, the performances, they help me face life in all its highs and lows. Nothing sweeter than that. It is just life energy for me, and hopefully for others as well.”

Final tickets
Traveling Theatre Festival De Parade therefore programmed The History of the Soldier this year as their grand opening show and asked the Soundwave Collective from The Hague to perform. The show plays all week two times per evening (at both 7.30 pm and 9 pm) in the Westbroekpark in The Hague from 1 to 6 July 2022. The opening show has almost been sold out, for the other shows, tickets are still available. Visit De Parade for more information and online reservations.

About Soundwave Collective
SoundWave Collective was founded in 2019 by conductor and double bass player Libia Hernandez. She had a strong mission: building bridges between cultures, continents and times with classical music. The collective actually is a laboratory in which young instrumentalists, singers and dancers experiment with crossovers between new and old music movements, genres and arts disciplines. For example, the collective designed a whole new version of History of a Soldier, a classical piece written by Igro Stravinsky. For more information, visit