Líx Dansclick 24 

An ode to man and the sense of being incomplete. 

Winner of the BNG Bank prize Mohamed Yusuf Boss examines the fragmented self in LÍX.  


The performances are framed by an exhibition in the foyer and afterwards the public is given the opportunity to chat with the makers/dancers while enjoying a drink. The Après Danse is an essential part of the DansClick, to bring makers and audience together and to have a conversation about dance. DansClick is a unique tour model that brings a new generation of choreographers into contact with potential dance audiences and programmers from various theaters in the Netherlands.



Taking the view that your history is not something behind you, but stored inside you, he explores his bi-cultural background. What does it mean to grow up in the Netherlands as a first-generation Somali? What happens when histories meet? And not only histories, also Mohamed's dance languages, hip hop and the traditional Somali dance Djandheer.

LÍX (the number 'six' in Somali) is the third part of a series of performances that Boss creates with his company _X_YUSUF_BOSS. Whereas in KÓW the question 'how do you relate to your environment' was central and in AFAR 'how do you relate to the other', LÍX deals with the question 'how do you relate to yourself'. 


Dates and Times

Thursday 29 September 20:30 


Korzo theater 



€ 9,00 - € 20,00