"Taal Taal was honestly the best choice with our start in learning Dutch"

Dutch Immersion courses inspire students to learn even more languages

Lara and Graydon are from South Africa and they have recently settled in the Netherlands to start their company 'Nomadik stretch tents and canopies'. They regularly travel back and forth, but they thought it was important to embrace their new Dutch 'home' right away. Because of Afrikaans, they already had a vague understanding of Dutch, but nothing is better than learning Dutch 'the correct way' and from the start.


At the Language Institute TaalTaal in Scheveningen, you can learn Dutch in a smooth, effective and stimulating way. In any case, Lara and Graydon are very impressed with their basic Dutch course. Lara: "TaalTaal was honestly the best choice in our start to learning Dutch. We decided to do a two-weeks intensive Immersion course in A1 and it was amazing how easily we began to really understand the language. The teachers were amazing and they managed to hold our attention during these long hours of learning and the information overload. The intensive option was a great choice for us and it forced us into quickly learning so many new concepts and really making us feel Dutch."


After the Dutch Immersion 1 course, Lara and Graydon really got the hang of it. Then why not add a Civic Integration exam course 'Inburgering' right away?


That is definitely not easy with just an A1 level in the pocket, because for this exam you must have at least an A2 level. Fortunately, the TaalTaal team believed in the motivated couple and because they had to return to South Africa for a while, they switched to online lessons. Lara says: "We were very lucky to have 3 hours a week with our online teacher from Taal Taal. Together with these lessons and everything that is available online, we were 100% prepared for our Inburgeringsexamen – we were very nervous that we had not done enough, but TaalTaal really prepared us well and I can confidently say we could not have been better prepared." Fun fact: Lara and Graydon have now both passed their exams in just one go! 


The couple has already achieved a lot, but they have not finished learning. Lara: "My very simplest wish, which is taking up a lot of my time and energy, is to feel confident in speaking Dutch. This has now opened up our desire to speak more languages and next we are going to start learning French. This has also encouraged us as a family, to think about our young son and how we want him to feel confident in speaking other languages as he grows up and develops his language skills."


Are you curious about Lara and Graydon's 'business'? Check out https://www.nomadiktents.co.za/

Find TaalTaal Dutch Immersion courses all year round in Scheveningen: https://taaltaal.nl/immersion/dutch – the full course program is available on www.taaltaal.nl, the new language courses have started in the week of September 19.

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