World Premiere: Ohgirl!

What happens when the curtain falls, the spotlight goes out, the camera stops and the apartment door closes behind us.

Five years after making his first solo OhBoy! with performances in Antwerp, Berlin, Geneva, The Hague and Paris, Antonin Rioche now makes the female counterpart OhGirl!, an intimate piece on the theme of burnout, on the questioning of the weight we carry on our shoulders.


In a small apartment, we observe a dancer and her thoughts inhabited by her dreams and her nightmares until the pressures of daily life nail her to the ground, without the ability to move on. Her apartment is now both her refuge and her prison.  


Dates and Times

Thursday 20 October Première 20:30 

Friday 21 October 20:30 



€ 9,00 - 22,00


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