Tabeya - Your local shop away from home

Photo: John Robinson

A new bright and spacious shop called Tabeya has opened on Frederik Hendriklaan 147 in The Hague.  It is an international food store which, to put simply, stocks world foods from places near and far such as South Africa, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico,Ghana, Australia, Japan, Nigeria, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Colombia, Korea, Kenya to name a few countries.

When asked about the inspiration, one of the owners Florence, said "The Netherlands and especially The Hague, are so diverse and everyone misses home food". 

Tabeya has embraced our constantly changing society by bringing authentic delicacies and delights from all around the globe for locals and international expats of every cultural background to enjoy or discover for the first time.  We strive to offer our customers a central hub to get more of what they need under one roof making us a truly more inclusive and convenient retailer."  


The shop first opened a branch in Amsterdam a couple of years ago but due to customer orders and requests coming from The Hague, it has expanded with a branch in The Hague which opened this September.  And since opening, it has created quite a buzz.  Florence added that "we have had such great feedback from everyone who has visited the shop.  We thank everyone for such a warm reception.  As we strive to be more and more inclusive, we are open to suggestions and requests to expand our range.  Feel free to make suggestions for other favourite world foods you may be missing and would like us to stock."


The shop already stocks many temptations to catch the eye of many customers.  For example: Brazilian Pao de Queijo; South African Boerwors, Ouma Rusks, Savanna Dry Cider, Ina Parrman spices or Biltong; Irish Tayto, McCambridge, Barry's and Clonakilty range; British Cadbury's, Walkers, Sausages, Bacon, Yorkshire Tea, Crumpets; American Mac n Cheese or Pancake mixes; Kenyan Coffee, Tusker beer or Muchuzi mix; Nigerian Fufu or Ogusi; Jamaican Jerk seasonings, Ackee or real hot sauces; Korean Kimchi or BBQ sauces; Colombian Panela or Pan corn flour for Arepas; Mexican Tortillas, Moles or Maseca flour, all these plus more available under one roof for our customers' convenience.


And as the season changes, the Christmas range has already started arriving and Tabeya looks forward to welcoming back all those who have already visited as well as those who are yet to discover this exciting new addition to the Fred.  Everyone is welcome!



Frederik Hendriklaan 147

2582 BZ  The Hague

Tel: 070 785 5906