"Jip's French course was the highlight of my school vacation!"

Save on your energy bill and put all your energy into a TaalTaal course

This winter you are assured of warmth and (en)light(e)ning if you are following a TaalTaal course!

In the week of 16th January 2023, new language courses will be starting and they are anything but cold, dusty and boring. Teacher Jip should know, because she teaches courses in French and Dutch with a lot of ‘joie de vivre’ at the most enjoyable language institute in The Netherlands. Jip: "During the school vacation I taught French to a young girl. When the course was finished, the girl said to me that this course was the highlight of her vacation!”

At TaalTaal in Scheveningen, conviviality, small-scale and professionalism are the most important pillars. Are you planning to take a TaalTaal language course for the first time? Then you will be amazed at the panoramic view from the fourth and fifth floors at the TaalTaal office; there is a beautiful view of the orange rooftops of the typical Scheveningen houses. You can even spot the famous lighthouse! Like a real ‘bon vivant’, teacher Jip still enjoys the atmosphere in Scheveningen. Jip: "French culture inspires me enormously, because of my love for beauty and ‘la belle vie’, the good life. This is very different from The Netherlands, the country in which I was raised myself. Aesthetics, but also for example, good food, is often only valued here if it’s cheap and efficient.”

Would you rather not wait and are you eager to learn Dutch now? Then Dutch Immersion courses are a light in the darkness! In November and December you can still follow these two-week intensive group courses for all levels up to a B1+ level. There are even exam preparation courses available for the Civic Integration Exam and the NT2 State Exam. More information can be found on the website: https://taaltaal.nl/immersion/dutch

Are you also curious whether a TaalTaal course will be the highlight of your winter or do you just want to admire the beautiful view with your own eyes? Then check out TaalTaal winter courses here: https://taaltaal.nl/en and don't forget to ask for a Local Expat Discount (code: TTTLE).

The next open days are on December 13th, January 4th and January 7th -- free online intakes are always available via https://taaltaal.nl/intake