Makaya McCraven at the Paard

The multi-talented Chicago based drummer and producer Makaya McCraven will be performing at the Paard on Thursday 17 November. Prepare yourself for a performance where McCraven brilliantly moves between genres and boundaries of jazz and rhythm to create his own form.

McCraven, born in France but raised in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. He developed his chops in Chicago and now represents an emerging generation of globally oriented, genre-bending music makers as artist and bandleader.


His breakthrough album In the Moment was released in January 2015 and was quickly named ”Album of the Week” on BBC 6. In 2016, In The Moment was hailed by Turntable Lab as “one of the most important recordings to date in the modern jazz world.” In The Moment was a dramatic statement by McCraven, where he debuted a sound of his own: “organic beat music”, which quickly launched him at the forefront of not only internationally renowned jazz artists, but also the niche genre of next-wave composer producers who blur the boundaries of jazz and electronic music.


In his most recent album ”Deciphering The Message”, consists of his remixes of jazz classics from Blue Note records. His nickname is therefore ”the beat scientist”. Despite addressing different styles, jazz remains largely the undertone in everything McCraven does.

Date & time

November 17, 2022 @ 7:30 pm




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